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Positive Working Environment

How to Establish a Positive Working Environment

We all may go to work, but that doesn’t mean that we all love to. We spend just as much time at work as we do in our personal lives nowadays, which is why we must come to some sort of balance between the two. Not one single person can honestly say that their work life doesn’t have an impact on their personal life. Having a positive work environment is key for both employees and employers when it comes to maintaining happiness, productivity, and profitability!

Keep reading to discover how to establish a positive working environment at your office! We promise your business will only benefit from it!



Establishing an open form of communication can involve a lot of different elements all melded into one. As an employer you must make yourself easily accessible to your employees at all times. Your employees should feel as though they can openly communicate with you in regards to what they need from you. Yes, that means forming a professional relationship in the workplace! Communicating with one another on both good and bad issues will help clear the air and establish a positive corporate culture.

A great way to keep the communication open at your office that we personally incorporate at ours is that of weekly meetings. We absolutely love and value our weekly meetings as they give us the opportunity to re-group on a regular basis.



One of the most important parts of being the employer is setting the right tone at work. There are a lot of companies that are miserable to work for simply due to the fact that the owner or manager is insufferable to work with. Trust us, you don’t want to be like that. A lot of what happens at the workplace revolves around the tone that is set. If there is a bad tone at work then the likelihood that your employees will enjoy working with you is slim. Maintaining a positive atmosphere in the office will help you to maintain better results for your company!



Recognizing your employees’ hard work can go a long way when it comes to increasing productivity and forming professional relationships. After all, who doesn’t love to hear that they are doing a good job? It’s often discouraging as an employee when you know that you are working hard but no one seems to notice. Recognizing your employees will encourage them to keep up the good work and it will also make them feel appreciated, which can go a long way for any business.

Ways to show your recognition don’t always have to be monetary. Other ways to show your recognition could include giving mini-prizes, offering early days off, or surprising them.



Creating the notion of a team will help your employees feel as though they are truly a part of something. Nothing feels better than knowing that you are working on something much larger than yourself. Instilling team spirit is not always easy, but it is important when it comes to making sure that everyone involved is working towards the same goal, together.

You can show team spirit by celebrating birthdays, personalizing your workspace, and taking some time out of your day to just have fun!



Encourage your employees to openly share their ideas! No two people are the same, therefore allowing them to have their say could open up bigger and better opportunities for your company. Remember that you hired your employees for a reason, trust in your decision! Your employees will feel as though their input or opinion is of value and will be more open to sharing their ideas in the future.

A fantastic way to do this is to have an open door policy at all times!



It is imperative to always be understanding of your employees’ personal needs. Your employees will have emergencies, they will have appointments, some of them might have kids, and the list could go on. Companies that leave no room for flexibility and who put undue stress and pressure on their employees have a higher likelihood of decreased productivity and profitability. Workplace stress can also lead to decreased loyalty which could leave you with zero employees in the long run.

Over 50% of employees experience conflict between their work and personal lives. Consider changing your office hours, leaving some wiggle room, or allowing employees to work remotely! The rules of the workplace are always evolving, in 2017 it’s either go with the flow or sink with the tide.


The body of this blog, speaks for the take-away message itself don’t you think???

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