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Content is King, Community is Queen and Consistency is Key

“Content is King” is a very popular phrase in this industry and one that I personally love! When it comes to Social Media, Content is definitely King, but even the most amazing content will not work unless it’s supported by a number of different factors. So! For me, Content is King, Community is Queen, and Consistency is Key!


Build a Community!

Building a community takes time! To be honest it’s something that we are still working on when it comes to our Social Media LV platforms! We dedicate a lot of our time to our clients’ platforms and tend to neglect our own. The goal is to build a community around your business of likeminded people and companies. First and foremost, understand who your audience is! Once you have this down, remember that quality over quantity is everything. We recommend constantly curating your followers and following lists to make sure you have an engaged and “quality” community. Use and follow the appropriate hashtags. Engage with your followers as much as possible! Do it in a genuine and organic way. Don’t get discouraged by your number of followers. It’s better to have 2,000 engaged, real people following you, than 2 million silent followers! It’s taken us 10 years to get our parent company, Royal Ink Design’s, Instagram to almost 2,500 followers and we are proud of it. For 10 years we have been building this community and we truly feel that they know who we are, as well as we know who they are. Our community has seen the evolution of our agency and we love it!


Stay Consistent!

I cannot say this enough! Consistency is key! You should be consistent with the quality of your content. You should be consistent with the tone of your Social Media voice. You should be consistent with the scheduling of your posts. Most importantly, you should always be consistent in the way your content reflects your values and your brand. By staying consistent you are setting a standard for your audience, your team, and even your competitors. Building a community with your amazing content takes time. If you stay consistent, you will start seeing results overtime. Even when you feel like no one cares and no one is watching, trust me they are!

In short words, Social Media is a beast. Creating content, building a community and staying consistent takes time, planning, and effort. We have a team that is dedicated solely to Social Media and we would be happy to help!

In the meantime, stick by these words: Content is King, Community is Queen and Consistency is Key!

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