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Creating an SEO Impact in 2019

Creating an SEO Impact in 2019

Online marketers have begun planning their marketing strategies for 2019 and SEO is a big part of it. But any seasoned digital marketer will tell you that getting to the top 10 on the Search Engine Results Pages is no mean feat.

While you want to increase visibility and attract more traffic, you need to make sure that the website visits are of high quality. In addition to optimizing web content, you need to have a well-planned social media marketing strategy in place. If you are tired of seeing your competitors beat you to the top of the SERPs, you need a solid strategy that will boost you to that coveted top spot.

Engaging the services of a well-established social media agency in Las Vegas will significantly increase your online presence. But as a business owner, it’s a good idea to have some understanding of what you can do to create an SEO impact in 2019.

1. Understand how SEO works at its basic level

When prospects are seeking answers online or even looking for products and services, they expect answers in a split second. And Google’s algorithms are built to do just that. But Google looks to you to quickly provide the information online users are looking for. If you are effective in providing this information better than other companies in the field, your content and data will gain a higher position.

In order for this to happen, conduct a search query using the most common questions and your main keywords on Google. Note which companies show up on the first page. This will give you an idea of what your prospects are seeing. This understanding becomes the foundation of your SEO campaign. All the other digital strategies you use including Social Media Management need to be geared towards getting you to that position on Google.

2. Listen to your customers and emulate their language

It’s important to understand what your customers’ needs are, what questions they are asking and how they’re asking them. While you are already fulfilling their requirements and solving their problems, this needs to reflect on your website as well. The steps to follow include:

  • Understand your prospect & customer’s needs
  • Create a list
  • Make sure your website reflects this knowledge
  • Use clear formats to translate the services and products that make your business successful
  • Use simple language that can be easily understood by your  visitors
  • Intersperse website content with the popular search terms for your industry
  • Make sure that you use these same keywords in your social media marketing and content marketing efforts
  • Focus on making your content shareable & consumable, while ensuring that Google is happy too

3. Provide useful and relevant content

Content marketing isn’t just about creating blogs and optimizing them. It covers everything from articles, videos and images to lists, how-to-guides, live chat, to webinars and more. It’s important that you provide content on your website as well as through other channels and platforms where your prospects are.

A social media agency like ours would be able to create engaging content and ensure that it aligns perfectly with your SEO strategy. This is a very important aspect as disconnect between the two won’t give you the results you desire. When creating content for online consumption some of the questions you should be asking include:

  • What is your main objective and goal?
  • What information are you attempting to communicate?
  • Why should your audiences care?

Be helpful, provide answers and solve their problems while making sure that the content you provide is rich and relevant. It’s best to remove niched & narrowed information whenever possible. The content needs to be of high quality and shareable as well. Share your industry expertise through videos and ensure that these are in a natural or everyday quality presentation format. 

When a Social Media Agency in Las Vegas, NV like ours handles your social presence, you can rest assured that we will focus on these aspects. Creating an impact on these platforms is a lot about using visual mediums to post high quality content.

4. Dive deep into your website

Just having awesome website content isn’t enough. It’s important to dive under the surface. Ensure that your Meta descriptions, image tags (alt-tags), URL’s and page titles are in place. These are all very important aspects of on-page SEO and have bearing on your individual page ranking in search results.

Other SEO strategies to consider…

In addition to all of the tactics mentioned above, some of the other things to focus on include:

  • Backlinks- Check out how many quality backlinks you have. These links are important because they tell Google that you are a credible and quality company as well. There is a direct relationship between high-quality backlinks and search rankings on Google. It’s important to keep track of your reputation on social media and our experts handle this aspect of your digital presence diligently.
  • Citation- These company listings on niche, national and local directory websites let your prospects and Google know exactly where to find you. When you ensure that your citations are up-to-date, authoritative and consistent, it helps give you the exposure you need in order to improve rankings on the SERPs.
  • Website Security- Google wants all sites on the WWW to travel over https or secure channels. This is why unencrypted websites are marked as unsecure. But this is quite easy to fix and you can get an SSL certificate within a few hours.
  • Page Speed- Online audiences have very short attention spans. If your webpages are slow to load, they will abandon your site and navigate to a competitor’s website. One of the best ways to reduce bounce rate is to ensure you have a very good page load speed.

When you hire our services for all your social media management requirements, you can rest assured that your social media presence will be consistent. Being active on these platforms helps improve your standing and brand image. As the best social media marketing agency Las Vegas, we know what it takes to give you the visibility you need in 2019.

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