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Paid VS Organic Social Media Marketing

Paid VS Organic Social Media Marketing

80% of businesses state that social media marketing is an important factor in the success of digital marketing. According to a business research firm, 86% of marketers use a combination of paid and organic marketing strategies for social media. But how do you know what is most beneficial for your business and what can these marketing strategies do for your business? As a social media marketing agency in Las Vegas, we can educate you on what each method is for and why you might consider using a combination of each method to help grow your business.

What is Organic Social Media Marketing?

Organic social media marketing includes all of the free tools and options provided by a social media platform to build an online community. It includes the ability to “Like” posts, “Follow” other accounts, share posts, and respond to or create comments on posts. These free tools used to publish posts and find an audience are all accessible to the everyday, personal user. Everything that occurs on a social media platform without any paid promotion is organic social media marketing.

What is Paid Social Media Marketing?

Paid social media marketing includes all of the tools that marketing agencies or businesses and organizations can use to promote their products, display advertisements, or increase the reach of their posts. These tools come at an additional cost but yield results with more detailed analytics about your brand’s targeted and potential demographic. Anything that requires advertising dollars is paid social media marketing. Anything that is “Sponsored” or “Promoted” is paid social media marketing. A Las Vegas marketing agency can assist you with optimizing ads, lead generation and targeting your demographic via paid social media marketing.

How to Use Organic Social Media Marketing

Organic marketing is to establish and develop your brand’s identity. It is what helps your business create a presence within its industry as well as nurture your target market. Organic social media marketing is what establishes consistent engagement and brand loyalty. Show your personality, and don’t be afraid to join conversations. Once you find your online niche, it won’t be difficult to engage with those that are interested in your brand. Comment on other people’s posts, delete unnecessary or spam comments, and use hashtags to help other users find your content.

Earned Media

Organic social media marketing qualifies as earned media. Unlike paid social media, earned media benefits your brand in a way that will stay more consistent. Because organic social media marketing is fostered through building an audience, organic growth shows high potential for engagement more consistently. If your brand aims to target an audience, engage with people based on shared interest. Followers from organic social media are less likely to leave than those who come from paid media. Organic and earned media are essential for building your brand long-term.

Organic Reach vs Paid Reach

Unfortunately, paid social media marketing is becoming more effective in achieving business goals over organic social media marketing. Because of the oversaturation of users and content, organic reach has been on a steady decline. There are very few marketing agencies and companies that use solely organic social media marketing. Organic is most ideal to manage a community that you already have. If you’re looking for growth, then spend your dollars on paid social media marketing.

How to Use Paid Social Media Marketing

Organic social media on its own can take time to garner real results. With paid marketing, such as Boosted Facebook posts or Instagram Ads, you can expand your audience quickly while also reaching your existing audience. It can help your brand generate leads even without a large dollar amount. You can target specific demographics and audiences along with their behavioral traits to match up with potential customers. Paid advertising increases your reach within whatever budget you choose and for as long as you choose to do it.

Finding A Balance

Both forms of marketing have the potential to benefit your business. Most marketing agencies, including Social Media LV, a marketing agency in Las Vegas, use both methods for their social media strategy. Paid social media marketing targets conversions while organic social media marketing is a long-term solution for establishing a proper reputation. The combination of each type delivers the best results. A combined effort helps develop a genuine response from both potential customers and existing customers. Put forth your best content for paid advertising but keep consistent with engaging through organic social media marketing.

Organic reach is not enough to make an impact, and paid social media marketing is relatively short term. Find the best way to implement both within your marketing plan and watch your numbers increase. Because paid marketing allows you to micro-target based on interest, you’ll have access to potential consumers. Because organic marketing makes your brand more personal, it maintains your following. Never neglect your organic following despite the results you get from paid marketing.

If you need assistance with growing your audience or building your brand’s reputation on social media, contact Social Media LV. Allow us to manage your social media platforms so that you can focus on running your business. We are a marketing agency in Las Vegas that creates an effective and visually appealing online presence for your company. We specialize in social media marketing and advertising for small to mid-size businesses.

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