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Planning and Strategizing for Social Media

Why is it important to plan when managing social media?

What is social media without the planning and strategizing? Achieving a higher reach on social media does not come overnight and it certainly does not happen without a little strategic thinking and planning. Outlining your goals and measurable objectives is one thing, but the planning and the consistency help you achieve them.

In the past, corporate brands have usually dominated social media platforms. In recent years, the rise of personal branding and influencers has grown substantially. Not only are corporate brands and businesses on social media, everyone is on social media to brand themselves in some way. This truly proves the importance of social media strategies. Social media has become widely used by each person, however, since more people are using it, it has become a competitive industry. Now more than ever, it is important to strategize in order to maximize your reach.

Tips to help you Plan & Strategize

1. Utilize a planner and calendar!

There are social media holidays every month that are important to keep track of. Studies have shown that visuals are more effective when remembering key dates and information. While you plan your content calendar for the month, try keeping a board in front of your for easier accessibility. Multiple copies of saved dates and information is recommended to constantly remind ourselves of relevant events.

2. Plan ahead

Start off by planning your week ahead. Take a day a week to review the week ahead, the holidays coming up, anything that will help in your content creation. Planning at least a week ahead is very important in your routine. We’ve all be in that situation where our days feel scattered figuring out what content to put out for social media. The best way to avoid feeling frantic and rushed is to think strategically, way in advance and always be prepared for curveballs.

3. Do the research and always stay updated

If you are sucked into the world of social media, then you know that things are always changing. Have you asked yourself how up to date you are in the industry? Social platforms release new features as often as the days change. Our advice: Subscribe to social media publications, observe and research competitors, and always be eager to learn more. Oddly enough, your competitors are always looking to see if you are as relevant as they are. So catch on quickly and move fast because Social Media doesn’t stop for anyone.

4. Analyze your Social Media

While the research is a key ingredient to planning and strategizing, it is also important to keep track of your social media: what is doing well and what needs improvement? Be sure to monitor your social media postings and engagements. We are lucky that platforms such as Facebook and Instagram provide tools to access your insights. Utilize those reports and begin planning for the next month!

5. Be Yourself

There will always be a ton of different trends and aesthetics to follow when doing social media, but it’s important to be yourself. Make each post personable and make it reflect YOU! You can have hundreds of beautifully taken images and designs made for your social media accounts, however, does it match who your company is portraying to be? The posts are important, but people and consumers fall in love with the vibe you give off and it is important to be able to see that through your images and designs for social media.

What to consider in Social Platforms?

What social media platforms are you using and are you making sure to stay updated with newer ones as they come? While it is very important to be aware of each social platform, it is most important to know the ones that specifically target your audience. While some may require constant usage on LinkedIn, others may opt to use it less depending on if this platform is commonly used within the demographic they are targeting. A lot of this information comes from the research you do. At the end of the day, it is still recommended and highly encouraged to be aware of every single social platform and how it could be used to your advantage.

Social media is what we love to do here at Social Media LV. We do the research, we analyze the industry, we stay well-read, we’re good at what we do! Learn more about our services on our website or feel free to contact us! 

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