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Facebook Advertising

Why Facebook Advertising Should Be Part of Your Strategy

When it comes to social media marketing platforms, no avenue can beat the reach and impact that Facebook advertising has. Facebook delivers measurable results at a very pocket-friendly price. This particular channel of digital advertising works wonders for businesses of all sizes and shapes.

You have complete control of your social media marketing budget. Aside from this, your business can be seen by literally thousands of online users that have the interest in and ability to purchase your service or product. We are a Social Media Agency in Las Vegas, NV that caters to businesses of various sizes, from different industries.

We always focus on designing robust social media marketing strategies for our clients, and use a blend of strategies to create the right impact. However, we know from experience that no other platform can give you the results that Facebook does. If you haven’t yet incorporated Facebook Advertising into your overall digital marketing strategy, consider the information and stats mentioned below.

An Impressive Presence

Over 2.26 billion people log in to Facebook every month and this number only billows with each passing day. It’s not difficult to believe that your audiences are using FB and that your rivals are utilizing it as well. The aspect to note here is that like all other marketing strategies, FB advertising isn’t a set-and-forget process.

Staying on top of all the algorithmic changes and the latest marketing trends is about engaging the services of an experienced social media agency in Las Vegas like ours. Our seasoned professionals will make sure that your strategy is on point and as effective as possible.

General Stats on Facebook

FB continues to be in first place with reference to being the biggest social media platform in the world. Recent scandals did singe its presence, but the internet mammoth has been in fix-mode for a large portion of 2018. It has changed its focus on encouraging more meaningful interactions amongst FB users. Take a look at what the numbers indicate:

  1. YouTube overtook Facebook in the online race and has now become the second most-visited site (after Google of course). But Facebook continues to be the most popular search term in the world.
  2. By number of downloads, Facebook Messenger is the topmost mobile app.
  3. The main Facebook app stands second on the list. With the spotlight shining on mobile, our team of social media management experts ensure that all the content is planned with the mobile-first trend in view.
  4. Facebook’s per user revenue doubled in 3 years. The platform has been focusing on driving user engagement. This drives monetization for Facebook.
  5. During Q1 of 2018, FB earned $13.2B in revenue and in Q3, its revenue had risen to $13.73B.

In the first three months of last year, FB deleted 583M fake accounts. It shows that the company is focused on accountability and that it prioritizes providing value to its users. As the best social media marketing agency in Las Vegas, NV, we make it our business to keep up-to-date with stats like these. It helps us provide the best solutions to our clients.

We recognize that the new standards of transparency that Facebook has adopted will only add to its popularity. Weeding out spammy and scammy accounts makes more room for credible and authentic brands. This is why the social media advertising packages that we design for clients focus heavily on FB advertising.

User Stats on Facebook

When a business adopts a particular marketing strategy, they need to be sure that their audience is on it. So who exactly is using Facebook and will advertising on it pay rich dividends? Well the answer to that is simple really. Just about everyone is on Facebook. It’s why our Las Vegas social media marketing experts keep a close eye on the transitioning popularity among demographics on Facebook. Here are some relevant user stats:

  • In Q3, Facebook had 1.49B Daily Active Users and 2.27B Monthly Active Users
  • Almost 69% of Americans use Facebook which makes it the best choice for reaching a massive audience. Compare this to the 35% of Americans using Instagram, 29% using Pinterest & 24% using Twitter.
  • Facebook’s global penetration stands at 22.9% and is constantly growing.
  • 35% of FB’s ad audience is under 25 and it’s a fallacy that the platform isn’t cool. When our team plans any Facebook advertising strategy for you, they will take into account the demographic you are targeting. While teens prefer to use Snapchat and Instagram, young adults continue to favor FB.
  • In 2018, the number of American FB users in the 65+ age bracket touched 41% which was double of where it stood in 2012.
  • America accounts for about 10% of Facebook’s advertising audience. This number stands at 210 million users after India which accounts for 270 million users. Brazil, Indonesia & Mexico round up the top five.

Usage Stats On Facebook

While the stats such as number of users and demographics are important, usage metric including length and frequency of visits to the platform are crucial too. This is because they reflect the amount of attention that exists for messaging and what the size of the portrayed audience is. Here are some relevant usage stats that our social media agency in Las Vegas considers to be important:

  • 66% of monthly FB users use the platform every day.
  • Globally, 1.47B people log in every day.
  • 74% of U.S Facebook users visit every day.
  • A little more than 50% of these, check-in multiple times per day.

As you can see, there are many valid reasons why Facebook Advertising should be part of your marketing strategy. We assign great importance to stats such as these. The frequency will decide what posting schedule our social media marketing team will follow for your Facebook marketing strategy.

Creating an impactful FB advertising strategy is a lot about being in sync with the latest trends, having knowledge of the latest stats and being able to plan a campaign that will be flexible and scalable all at once.

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