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7 Ways to Increase your Social Media Presence

Increasing a business’ social media presence can be daunting and overall, time consuming. What you probably don’t know is that there are specific ways to not only finding quality followers but to keeping them. More often you will find that you have no problem getting followers but you have a big problem getting them to stick around. If this sounds familiar then you are in the right place! Learning how to manage your social media and get on a more personal level with your consumers could be everything you need and more to growing your social media presence. Below you will find ways to do just that.



Sharing your story allows consumers to truly get to know your brand through your point of view. No two stories are the same and with every story told there is someone who can relate to it. Take into consideration how you started and incorporate visuals or videos to make it more interesting! Your story can give your business the personal touch it may desperately need. Once you have revealed your soft underbelly to your audience, be sure to interact with them often. Make it your mission to acknowledge every like and respond to every comment. This shows your consumers that there is a genuine human behind the brand rather than just a robot posting promotional pictures.



Managing a business on social media involves a lot of organization and of course a lot of time. First, come up with a plan for your social media marketing. This could include posting twice a week in the morning, four times a week in the afternoon, to posting once every day at noon- it’s up to you! If you need help, our blog on social media timing is intended to better help you understand when your audience is online. Once you have devised a solid plan, be sure to stick to it. Your followers will begin to notice and remember your posting schedule and what do people love more than anything else? Consistency! Don’t waste your time posting unrelated content that solves virtually no purpose to your brand or your business. Instead provide visuals, videos, links to your other social media platforms, personal content, blogs, webinars, etc. that is directly related to your business and the audience you are intending to reach.



Peak the interest of your customers by offering them a deal they wouldn’t want to miss. Whether you are giving away something for free, currently offering a discount, or provide free shipping, you are enticing your consumers to not only purchase your products but to also refer you to their friends as well. Thus increasing your profits and the likelihood of said customers returning for more in the future. Where social media is concerned, give them a reason to come back! Simply liking or following someone back gave them that incentive they were hoping for.



Communication is key when it comes to operating a successful business. No matter if you are receiving a comment or a complaint, be sure to respond as soon as possible and in a professional manner. Offer solid customer service! If you receive a like, genuinely take the time to learn more about them. If you receive a comment, respond back to them promptly and personally. Communicating with people who take the time to communicate with you lets them know that they are being heard. Taking good care of your business means taking good care of your customers.



Learning how to enhance your social media accounts means learning how to properly use keywords and hashtags in your posts. Keep your intended audience in mind and narrow in on the things they are interested in! Keywords and hashtags not only increases the likelihood of your business appearing on google but it also improves the likelihood of your business receiving the recognition that it deserves. What are hashtags you wonder? Hashtags are clickable keywords that allow people to search specifically for content that they are interested in. However, use hashtags wisely! Too many unrelated hashtags can result in uninterested customers.



Linking, linking, linking! Link everything everywhere. Having multiple social media platforms is pointless unless people know you have multiple social media platforms and actively follow you on them. When it comes to showcasing your social media accounts, make sure you have them everywhere. On each individual social media account whether it be; Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+, or Linkedin, there is a section designated specifically for your other social media URLs and if there isn’t then post them at the bottom of the general information section. Your consumers will be pleased to find that they can easily follow you and contact you no matter which one of your social media platforms they are currently browsing. Take it one step further and include your social media URLs in your e-mail signature as well! Look at this like free advertising for your own business. If you have a website, be sure to link that URL to all of your platforms and e-mails too! Sparking the curiosity of others is a great way to grow your social media presence.



Social media platforms are constantly updating. That being said, businesses must be able to make changes rather quickly as social media platforms change quickly as well. So be sure to stay up to date with updates for the platforms that your business is using and learn how to manage your content accordingly. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+ are all highly active social media platforms for businesses today and they are all different! Take your business farther and research the latest trends on how to gain more likes and followers for each of your individual social media accounts.












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