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New Consumers: Generation Z Marketing

If you don’t already have a Generation Z marketing strategy, your business could get left behind. Who is Generation Z? This generation is made up of anyone born after 1995. Generation Z makes up almost 26 percent of the population at the moment. However, they will account for 40 percent of the population by the year 2020. In other words, there are a lot of them. Although the oldest members are only 22 years old and just starting to enter the work force, Generation Z already has $44 billion in buying power. It is more important now than ever to connect with Generation Z and engage them in lifelong relationships. While every other company focuses on figuring out how to market to millennials, you can learn how to market your small business to Generation Z.

Social Media Behavior

At Social Media LV, we understand the importance of social media marketing for small businesses and offer different packages for our social media management services. Generation Z happens to be very engaged with social media. They utilize different social media platforms for different things. Generation Z use Instagram as a shiny showcase of their lives. Snapchat is to share less-polished snippets of real life. They get their information on Facebook, and they read news on Twitter. Creating a Generation Z marketing strategy requires businesses to adapt to this generation’s unique social media habits. Social media is a fluid, seamless experience for Generation Z. They know all the ins and outs, and they expect brands and businesses to know more than them.

Millennials adapted and grew up in a world that was constantly experiencing technological evolution. Generation Z is technology. They will be more tech-savvy than previous generations can ever hope to be. They know social media inside and out. For a Generation Z marketing plan, businesses must understand this. They are a diverse group of open-minded individuals who know how to find information on their own. Present information to them before they get a chance to even look for it.

Valuable Content

This generation heavily filters all of the content that is put in front of them. You can no longer just throw out content and expect them to latch on. Generation Z doesn’t believe in having to sit through ads or sponsored content. In fact, when content with subliminal advertising is put in front of Generation Z’s scrutinizing eye, they know this is not what they want. This is a generation that demands transparency when they are spending money. We already know they are much more tech-savvy than previous generations. So how do you advertise to Generation Z? Create valuable resources instead of ads. It doesn’t matter how great your products or services are if no one will look at it. Create great content, whether it’s for entertainment or learning, and be upfront about your business. No frills, no smoke and mirrors. Clear communication is key for connecting with Generation Z.

Take a look at the Generation Z content creators that attract large followings. They do more than just create advertisements. They create content that either entertains or educates, and people enjoy that. This content then becomes an opportunity to sell their brand.

Collaboration is King

We live in a world dominated by user-generated content. As a result, Generation Z understands the power of the Internet and how easy it is to become an online influencer. For many of them, being an influencer is very much a real career choice. They spend half of their lives building a social media presence and personal brand. Generation Z marketing is more than just attracting consumers. Generation Z is a group of collaborators who want to be empowered by brands. It is now important for a small business marketing strategy to consider how you can help your audience instead of just selling to them. Brands and businesses are exploring the power of microinfluencers to sell products. Collaboration is the direction Generation Z marketing is heading in.

For Generation Z marketing, invite your audience to become a part of a community rather than talking to them like consumers. Avoid language that sounds too much like advertising. Generation Z wants to connect to brands and other people. They’re not interested in merely being consumers. They know they have the power to do more.

Generation Z’s Short Attention Span

Millennials are notoriously hard to engage, but Generation Z is even more difficult to engage. The average attention span for a Generation Z consumer is eight seconds. In eight seconds or less, they need to know that reading your blog post or following your Instagram profile is worth their time. You have to help them understand why they should care about your content. How will this help or entertain the Generation Z consumer? Generation Z’s attention is also split among five different screens: smartphone, tablet, laptop, desktop and TV. If your small business advertising isn’t top-notch, their attention will instantly be drawn elsewhere.

Unlike those born before them, Generation Z members have never lived in a time without public internet access. This generation was born in the midst of the mobile technology age. They are more technologically fluent than any other generation, and they understand the value of their attention. If you want to market your small business to Generation Z consumers, you should also understand the value of their attention. Be valuable, be creative and be helpful. Show Generation Z that your small business is worth their attention.






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