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Instagram aesthetics tips

Instagram Aesthetics for your Business

Whether you like it or not, aesthetics matter. Instagram aesthetics draw people to your profile. People not only pay attention to the content you are posting but the theme in which you are posting it. Crazy right? As if it’s not already tough planning out your daily content! People want to see a profile filled with beautiful quality photos over photos that look like they’re for a scrapbook. Let’s dive deep and figure out how we can create a better aesthetic for your business.

Which Instagram Aesthetics does your audience pay attention to?

Understanding the audience along with the trends in social media is important. Research by looking through common tags you find your business and audience using. Take a look, browse different social medias, and even look at your competitors and what they’re doing. It’s one thing to just want a nice Instagram aesthetic like everyone else, but it’s another thing to truly choose a style you love and are comfortable with. Without understanding your audience, and your focus, your photos and Instagram feed can appear scattered. Taglines matter and they do attract people but at first glance if your photo doesn’t look as good, people will likely scroll past it.

Choosing a Theme

Choosing a color theme is the best part for some but tough for others. Being consistent in your theme is key when creating your aesthetic. While you are inspired by others’ pages, don’t forget to personalize your style. Start by picking a specific color or color palette and make sure each image you edit has the same theme behind it. This makes all your images feel much more connected than scattered across your feed. Use the same apps, the same edit settings on majority of your photos. If you feel like changing it up, make sure you make the rest of your future posts reflect this change. Most importantly, adding a people aspect to your business profile can help you gain more followers and interactions. Your posts don’t need to always be business related! Sometimes your audience wants to know what you and your team are doing on a daily basis.

Stay Consistent

Consistency is key. The one thing that most brands and influencers can struggle with in the beginning is being consistent with the theme you choose. Having a theme is more than just the colors you use for each image, it has to do with the actual content you are putting out there. Narrow it down to a few things such as: business, travel, social, etc. Stick to what you decide. As long as you are passionate about what you choose, consistency will follow right away. It’s absolutely okay to experiment too! Take some time to explore and see the audience you are trying to attract. Eventually, it will all flow together for you.

Download Useful Apps

Download applications that allow you to visualize what your posts will look like before you post them. Before posting, it’s nice to see how it would look on your feed and whether or not the color theme matches before you actually post it. Thanks to apps like Planoly, Plann, Preview, Unum, just to name a few, visualizing and planning your posts is possible! Social Media LV is great at helping create your vision and vibe for social media!

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