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Holiday Marketing Campaign

Holiday Marketing Campaign Strategies

The holiday season is upon us! As marketers, the holidays are a crucial time to strategize and plan for related events and campaigns. It is a time where consumers pay attention to advertising, deals, and marketing promotions. When it comes to holiday campaigns, the same, tired old tricks aren’t going to catch anybody’s attention. In the United States, the holiday marketing season begins around November as we approach Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday. Business should bank on and participate in these seasonal promotional opportunities, especially because it is likely that your competitors are already preparing for the season. Here are few tips for successful holiday marketing campaigns:



Plan Ahead

Planning ahead of time gives you ample time to test your promotions with different audiences and create more effective strategies. Paid holiday campaigns closer to the season may also be costlier due to high demand. Start thinking about what kind of promotions you would like to offer your customers and scope out the competition. Find your angle and think of campaigns that appeal to your ideal consumer. Think about whether they will respond to sentimental, humorous, or nostalgic ads? Remember to use a holiday marketing calendar to start preparing a guide for the upcoming season.



Utilize Email Marketing

GoDaddy, a popular website host, suggests that holiday emails sent out in early to mid-November get the biggest return on email marketing. It is the best time to create traction among your clients prior to the start of the holiday season. Send out personalized emails with upcoming promotions. Highlight special offers and start creating a sense of urgency by emphasizing that they are limited offers. As a marketing agency in Las Vegas, we recommend using holiday related keywords and hashtags and send out newsletters to remain relevant with your audience.



Reward Loyal Customers

Thank your faithful customers prior to Thanksgiving and acknowledge their loyalty openly. Provide worthy incentives to keep your customers devoted to your brand. Whether it’s free shipping or gifts with every purchase, small acts of appreciation will increase brand loyalty. If you’re up for it, run a holiday giveaway across all of your social media platforms. Everyone likes free stuff, especially during the holiday season. It can be a bestselling item, a gift certificate, or a large discount. Ask your customers to share the post as a way to enter the giveaway and instantly gain traction for your campaign.



Freshen Up for the Holidays

Have you heard or seen the excitement surrounding the Starbucks Red Cups? Every holiday season, Starbucks launches red versions of their coffee cups that feature festive designs. People look forward to these intricate designs every year. Because they always change, people are more likely to be excited for Starbucks to unveil new graphics. Because these designs intrigue customers, their consumers are more prone to taking photos of their cups and sharing them on social media. Using Starbucks as an example, it may be a great idea to freshen up your product or service’s marketing to reflect the holiday spirit. The holidays are all about visuals. Get festive and build a cheerful atmosphere for your product or service. Start updating headers, icons, and content to stand out from the competition.


Partner with a Nonprofit Organization

The holiday season is about giving back. Because consumerism and marketing efforts will be at an all-time high, your potential customers may feel oversaturated with ads. Stand out from the rest and inspire sincerity during the season of giving. 87% of consumers say they would purchase from a company that believes in what they care about. Show your audience that you are not just about sales by partnering with a nonprofit organization. A percentage of your sales can benefit the organization. Meaningful messaging improves your reputation as an organization.


Successful marketing campaigns take time and it is important to plan ahead if you want to succeed. The average person in the United States will spend nearly $1000 on Christmas gifts every year. Drive more sales to your brand by thinking of clever campaigns. People are far more tolerant of advertising during the holidays because they are actively looking for deals and discounts. Use marketing to your advantage this holiday season and optimize your online presence. This includes your website, social media platforms, newsletters, and advertisements. A social media marketing agency in Las Vegas can assist you with all of your holiday marketing campaigns. Whether it is paid advertising or holiday giveaways, you can trust Social Media LV to capture your audience. Use your marketing dollars the right way and stay relevant during the holidays. For more information, Contact Us.

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