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New Social Media Trends for February

New Social Media Trends for February

Social media platforms have transformed into robust communication channels that are effective in reaching wider audiences. It’s little wonder then that an increasing number of brands are now relying on this medium to engage with their targeted audiences. However, consumer attention isn’t focused on a specific social platform. 

Different people use different social media at specific points of time. In addition, there are a number of other online diversions and apps that add to the cacophony in this space. As a well-established Social Media Agency in Las Vegas, we know exactly how important it is to be aware of all the emerging trends on various social media platforms.

Social media is the only way we can help our clients capture consumer attention and keep in touch with their audiences. This dynamic approach goes a long way in ensuring that the social media management strategies we design for you, support your overall marketing goals. 

Latest Social Media Trends 

Social media is ever-changing and trends ebb and tide at regular intervals, making it very important for businesses to stay relevant and current in 2019. Here we take a look at new social media trends for February.

1. The Focus Is On Rebuilding Trust

Over the past decade, there has been a phenomenal rise in the use of social media. However, everything isn’t as easy as you think in this landscape. It’s important to gain the trust and confidence of the consumers you come across on the internet.

To a certain degree, aggressive advertising campaigns is not the way to go when it comes to using targeted ads. Sometimes they do not properly label their paid advertising posts, all of which leave users with a growing sense of distrust, not just in the platforms but in the brands themselves too. 

If your marketing intentions come off as insincere or suspicious, younger audiences will have very little confidence in it. When we handle social media management for our clients, our focus is always on using strategies that will help build customer trust, highlight their humanity and closely connect with their audiences.

2. Storytelling Is The Way To Go

Social media has gained popularity primarily because it allows people to share life experiences with their families and friends. They are able to tell their stories via posts and read newsfeeds that give them a snapshot of other people’s lives. While text and photos are still used, video content is seen to make more of an impact. Social media is constantly changingand embracing new and interesting ways of allowing people to share their narrative and tell their stories to the world. Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram are all jumping onto this bandwagon, which is altering the manner in which audiences consume social media content.

Our Las Vegas social media management experts help brands share human-related stories which inspire audiences to try out their services or products. Storytelling is very personal, immediate and feels genuine. However, it requires a great deal of creativity to use the perfect blend of graphics, images, and video to create thoughtful, yet impactful content. 

3. Building A Brand Narrative

Building a brand story is an emerging trend for this month. The idea is to build a highly strategic narrative behind a business and brand. These type of stories are designed to capture experiences and moments shared between products and users. Conversations are used to create a positive and broader change. 

They can be distributed strategically across digital media and social media, and are a reflection of what the community is saying about that particular brand. Our social media agency in Las Vegas makes every effort to ensure that we build a larger, inspiring and compelling story for our clients. This gives them a better chance of success on social media platforms. 

4. Creativity And Quality Trumps Quantity

It’s common for social media agencies in Las Vegas to become impulsive when it comes to the latest marketing trends. As a result, they end up flooding platforms with uninspired and mediocre content. Sometimes, the potential customers dismiss the subpar messaging which shunts the brand into the sidelines and has a negative impact on its popularity. 

This is where we are different. As a leading Las Vegas Social Media Agencywe always go the extra mile to create relevant and engaging content. Our priority is to make an impact by ensuring that any content we post on social media is creative and unique. Less but well-positioned, thoughtfully-created content makes more of a positive impact than adopting an aggressive and heavy-handed approach.

5. Personal Branding Is The Way To Go

Having a human face that is very real is important while trying to build a brand on social media. The key lies in building loyalty and trust; this is especially true for relatively unknown and smaller businesses. 

When we focus on personal branding, it lends a human element to our client’s brand which makes it seem more relatable. This encourages customers to naturally connect with it. We know from experience that fostering this human element is a real advantage compared to hiding behind a glamorous image or logo. 

Following The Latest Social Media Trends 

While all of these strategies are trending at the moment, we understand that social media is constantly changing. We keep ourselves updated with and follow all the latest trends in this space, without losing sight of the image and brand message our clients want to portray. 

The social media strategies that we design for our clients are extremely effective in targeting the right audiences, so your brand is relevant at the right time to the right groups of people.

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