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How To Get More Engagement with Instagram Stories

How To Get More Engagement with Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories have reached millions of active daily users, daily. It has become the norm to view Instagram Stories more than photos on your Instagram feed, especially considering its placement when you open the app. Instagram stories are conveniently located right at the top of the Instagram app.

Stories have the ability to capture real and spontaneous moments of your business. Many people find interest in the behind the scenes concept of many businesses. It allows you to appear more personable, welcoming, and interactive. While your brand’s professional image may be perfect, at the end of the day, your business thrives on personal, real-life human interactions. If Instagram Stories are not already part of your strategy, it absolutely should be. It’s potential to reach millions of people can affect your business. Here are simple tips that you can implement each day in your social media marketing campaigns.

Utilize the swipe up feature

If you have 10,000 followers or more, this feature is a great tool for you to use. This feature allows you to link send your followers to a link of your choice. Perhaps you have a website and would like to direct your followers to it so that they learn more about your products or services. This feature helps drive more traffic to your website.

Utilize stories to drive traffic to your feed

As mentioned previously, more people are likely to watch your stories rather than see the posts on your feed. You can use the story feature to your advantage by using the “post to story’” feature on each post, to add to your story. This method allows you to use the Story feature to drive traffic to your feed so your posts still get seen and liked by your followers.

Post a story every day

Stories are much more popular these days on Instagram. You’ll find that most of your followers have a greater chance of seeing your stories than the posts on your feed. The way that the Instagram algorithm is now gives stories a better chance of being seen. by posting a story everyday, you keep your content fresh and keep your audience and followers engaged. Instagram story highlights allow you to keep your stories categorized on your page. Anyone new that visits your page will have a chance to see the stories you’ve posted in the past. Story highlights can be used to your advantage if you choose the categories wisely. Keep in mind picking highlight categories that will capture the attention of those who are visiting your page for the first time. Highlights should tell a story just as your feed reflects one. Highlight the most important parts that sum up your Instagram profile.

Be sure to add hashtags

As used on normal posts in your feed, hashtags used in your stories can widen your reach and increase the chance of getting more followers on your profile. Be sure to add relevant hashtags to the content that you are posting. You can easily double your story views by using a hashtag each time. This is beneficial if you are looking to increase awareness on your profile.

Download apps to make your stories creative

Posting a story on Instagram has gotten much more advanced than we realize. Posting a story is not as simple as taking a photo and clicking “post to story” anymore. Nowadays, many brands create much more engaging and aesthetically pleasing story posts to capture the attention of those viewing it. More often than not, many people skim through stories fairly quickly. This is why it is very important to create something that will prevent others from skipping over yours. Downloading photo and video apps can enhance your stories with options including: background music, photo filters, photo templates, creative fonts and more. Creatively designed stories can easily increase your engagement.

Make sure to use mentions

Including “mentions” on your stories is a powerful tool yet not used as often. When you add a mention of a brand or influencer, more often than not, these profiles share this on their own story allowing their audience to be exposed to your username and your profile. This can increase the number of visits you receive on your Instagram page. It is an easy way to get others to see your content.

Instagram stories were implemented very recently and have managed to be a feature used by 400 million users each day. Stories play a large role in the overall growth of every brand and creating a strategy for it will be your smartest move yet. Each of these tips will surely get you started in increasing your engagement and reach on Instagram. Among many other things, our Social Media LV team strategies and diversifies your content to continuously keep your audience engaged on Instagram stories. We frequently post stories if you don’t have the time to. Let us help alleviate the pressure that comes with posting stories daily on top of your other social media endeavors. Contact us today to learn more.

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